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Breed of Choice for Antlerdog

People ask about breed selection.  My anwer will always be labs with some conditions.  I like to sell Black Dogs in the North and White Dogs in the South.

Has anyone else had good, bad or other experiences with other breeds of dog?  Any imput would be helpful.  Thank you for your replies.



Re: Breed of Choice for Antlerdog
Is there any way to get a Coon Hound to do this?  I've got one I'd like to train.

Re: Breed of Choice for Antlerdog
I am new to the world of antler dogs but have been doing a lot of research.  I found one website where a guy likes to use mixed breeds but they also are lab crosses and German Shepard crosses. I know that my wifes Pomeranian likes to play fetch with small antlers but for many obvious reasons would not make a shed dog. My guess is that many breeds could probably develope an interest in shed hunting but I feel that the lab is the best choice because of thier hardieness, friendliness, drive to please its master along with thier hunting abilities. For me its Labs all the way.  fatrooster.

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Re: Breed of Choice for Antlerdog
Roger, you mention that you like to sell black dogs to people in the North and white dogs in the South. Is this because of heat and cold or is there another reason.  Also, you do not mention chocolates. Why is that? Just curious.  fatrooster.

Re: Breed of Choice for Antlerdog
I saw on another website that somebody is using a German Shepard as an antler dog.  fatrooster.

Re: Breed of Choice for Antlerdog

I feel there are better breeds than labs,such as the Pudelpointer,they have incredible noses ,Huge prey drive ,and the stamina no lab can match!!


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Re: Breed of Choice for Antlerdog
I welcomed a 13 week old german shepherd puppy, named Tela, to the family last october. I wanted an Antler Dog and the fiance wasn't sure. I do not bird hunt so we decided a yellow lab or a german shepherd were the final two choices. Growing up she lived with two labs that her father had. They sounded like quite the handful and she wanted to try something different so we decided on the GSD for antler hunting and hopefully a great family companion as well. She is warming up to the two felines in the house and gets along well with our older beagle that we got from the rescue league. Tela is from european working line dogs. The first thing I threw to her was an antler and she brought it right back to me. It was only weeks later and she was looking for hidden antlers in clumps of thick deorative grass upon the command "search". After awhile I thought she was getting bored in the backyard but then I started changing things up like making her wait inside while I hid them and Hiding them in the fence, the gutter, on top of the grill and other places.  I have no previous experience at all with puppies or dogs really but so far I am impressed at how  fast she learned this. Her drive seems fairly well too. I havn't timed her but seems she will spend 15 minutes or more looking for one antler and sometime we can spend an hour and be productive at finding antlers.
There are ups and downs though. One day I wonder if she has a chance at this and I get disappointed and then the next day she takes it to another level and I am just amazed. This seems to be part of the learning proess. I have taken her out once in the field right at 4 months and she found hidden antlers in a gulley with some trees and bushes. I had to walk along and push her in the general direction but she found them. The biggest challenge will probably  be getting her to cover some ground out in the field but I think that will come as she ages and we get out there in more real life situations.


Re: Breed of Choice for Antlerdog
Well, I think Tela is going to make a decent antler dog. Looking to get her some REAL Testing this winter/spring.
(thats the hard part, finding a place with antlers)
She is approaching 17mos. and the last time we did some antler training was 15 mo. she was lookin hard until she
found all 6 antlers placed in the field and tall grass. She crossed a creek without hesitation and was wondering off
away from me like I had hoped. About a year ago when I wrote the above post she wasn't going too far.
After that we did a second set and it was all searching till they were found.
If anybody thinks about a GSD for an antler dog I would reccomend a dog that is born from European parents
1 at least being German if not both. Find a working dog, like those used for Schutzhund. She is also being trained
to blood track which she is amazingly showing good signs. I read that for tracking, a dog of the opposite sex is better
to work with. May be the case for other activities as well. She is a very versitile dog.

Happy hunting!


Re: Breed of Choice for Antlerdog
I am new to shed hunting. My husband deer hunts. I am just starting to get into hunting. I am looking forward to working with my 3 year old Lab/Chesapeak Bay Ret. Axe is a rock star. Smart, sound, and driven. He has potential out the ying yang. I am going to put a spin on the shed hunting. I am going to do it on horseback! Due to Rheumatoud Arthritis, I can't hike forever, but I can ride. I know Axe and one of my equines will be perfect for it. By the way, I LOVE German Shepards and most can do anything! Good luck!

Re: Breed of Choice for Antlerdog
The horse sounds fun. A nice happy medium between a four wheeler and walking like me.
Your dog should not have a problem learning.  Sounds like she has everything needed!
So far the time just spent training with my dog has been worth it. Deer season is finally over here
so until its Turkey and Morel time we will be looking for some sheds.


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