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old dog new tricks

i have two lab brothers that are nealy 2 years old now.  I purchased your training videw back when they were pups and started off in the right direction.  Things changed and training fell off of my priority list, and a year has passed since our last field day.  one of the two labs has what it takes i belive while the other is content watching his brother do all the work.  I have two questions that I would appreciate some expert help in.  1st- Wow do i start training an older dog that i have the time to devote again to training.  Is it too late for him to be a shed dog? 2nd-How do i entice the brother off of the couch and chase antlers like is brother.  Should i seperate them while training? 

Re: old dog new tricks

Wow - OK - there is kind of a lot going on with your questions and I will give you the simple answers then you can call if you need more info.  I think you can pick back up with your training with the dog that seems interested.  I would definitely train them sperately.  I would start from the beginning again with your interested dog and leave the couch potato where he likes to be.  My guess is your time is somewhat limited and if the one dog shows no interest there is really no reason to push it if he is a good pet just leave him be and focus on the one that is more likely to work out as a shed dog.  Hopefully you still have the DVD and like I said just start from the beginning.  Hope this helps.  If you have more questions please just give me a call 816-532-3611

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