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Having troubles training a Vizsla
 I recently decided to have a go at training our family's Vizsla to find sheds. She is around seven years old and bigger than most males. She loves to play fetch, but after a bit she figures out where the wiener chunks are coming from and refuses to do anything. We tried our best to teach her not to beg but we had a guest over for around a month a couple of years ago and he would give her food when we were not looking. Anyway, until she figures out where I keep the wieners, she is amazing at fetching. The problem is that she will only fetch her toys. She did step on the antler once and it flipped up and scared her, however she isn't scared in the slightest of antlers and likes to chew on them. I even cut down an antler so that it is just the main tine with the small brow tine attached so she can get more comfortable with them. If I throw that for her she sometimes checks it out and then walks back, and other times she just stays by my side. I also tried rubbing meat all over the antler but she realised what I did in about two seconds. I was hoping that you guys could help me out with how to get past this because I am getting nervous as to whether I can train her in time for this season.

Re: Having troubles training a Vizsla

 I forgot to mention that I have some rack wax too if it helps.

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