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About myself and seeking advice!

 Hey guys! My name is Kelby and i cant get enough of the outdoors! Chasing monster whitetails with a bow is a huge passion of mine, but i also find shed hunting just as exciting! When i was younger, i would take trips to my great grandmothers house, and sit and look at the sheds she had found over the years. She didnt have a dog but i'd guarantee she couldn't have found any more if she did! She had some kind of shed hunting ability, to me she was a pure shed hunting machine! She got me hooked on shed hunting when i was just a little guy, but i never have been able to find them quite like she did. So this year i've decided to step it up a notch! With that being said, i have purchased a 6 week old labrador retriever and want to turn him into a fine shed dog! But i need some help and advice. He enjoys playing with antlers from time to time, but im having trouble with him doing anything more with them, and i don't want to force it on him or over do it. Is he simply just too young right now? Am i expecting too much of him? He wont retrieve or even run towards the antler when i throw them or lay them infront of him. He will play with one sometimes. Hope you guys can give me some good training advice and tips! 


Thanks in advance!



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