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Eating deer poop?

 My dog is a golden retriever, this spring, summer and fall have been spent teaching him to find sheds. He was quite good at it going into December. I was able to put out sheds days before and he could find them. For the most part he was very focused when finding antlers. However I tried bringing him out on an actual hunt today, the results were very poor. He was excited going into the hunt as he always is, after a few minutes he started to act like he was smelling a shed. I walked up to him to find him eating deer s***, something he would usually pass right over. I yanked him away and told him to leave it but the behavior continued, antler hunting appeared to leave his mind as he ran from pile to pile trying to eat s*** before i pulled him away. Does anyone have any idea how I can break this habit and get my dog back finding sheds? Any input would be apreciated! Thanks!

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