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Rogers DVD Set Reviews

Re: Rogers DVD Set Reviews
Please post reviews of Rogers DVD'S as I am excited and interested to hear what people have to say about them. I have ordered them and wondering what i am getting for the price. Thanks

Re: Rogers DVD Set Reviews
Sometimes they are out of town and do not check computer emails. Look at "Contact Us" and call their phone numbers. They have two or three numbers where you should be able to reach somebody. Goodluck, fatrooster.

Re: Rogers DVD Set Reviews
Well,  they got me on the right track. The one I got is very simple and I was wondering how this could possibly
work but it did. At first I thought more details would be nice on things like how often do you train and how long per day and
at what ages do you spend that time. Is the meat your feeding them raw? Is it cooked? Does it matter?
If you follow the steps that they take in the video and then spend time working with the dog it will happen
if the dog has the capacity to perform the tasks.

Re: Rogers DVD Set Reviews

ARC, I'll have to agree with you. I felt that the DVD was vague. It did come together for me though with the use of common sense and a couple of other training aids like using other DVD's to help out in some other areas. For a person who has trained dogs, horses or other animals, this DVD gives you what you need to know to train an antler dog. For a person who has never trained anything in his life I feel that a little more in depth instruction would be helpful.

I'd also like to add that when I researched training antler dogs one year ago I could not find anything in the way of training DVD's for antler dogs. As far as I know this was and still is the only antler dog training DVD available and it did get me on my way to training my two dogs. So right now its the best thing we got going.  fatrooster.

-- 12/16/2008 6:45:28 AM: post edited by fatrooster.

Re: Rogers DVD Set Reviews

Re: Rogers DVD Set Reviews

Re: Rogers DVD Set Reviews
I see they removed my last review of the DVD. Don't know why it was honest.

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