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June 20/22 Antler Dogs
Hunting Antler Sheds With The Use of a Dog!
Hunting antlers has long been enjoyed by not only deer hunters, but hunters and sportsmen from various hunting disciplines.
Antler Dogs on the Canadian Prairie
In shed hunting, much like in bass fishing, the hunter dreams of the day when he catch’s or finds the really big one.
Puppy Training an Antler Dog
Training a puppy for any hunting sport is very much the same. The most important task is to select the puppy or dog that is best suited for the hunting sport in which you wish to participate.
Shed Hunting Using an Antler Dog
There is a new twist to the sport of shed hunting, it is the use of a highly trained dog that can actually scent the antlers and retrieve them for you.

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Welcome to Antler Ridge

Welcome to Antler Ridge, home of world famous antler retrieving dogs.

Owned and operated by Roger and Sharon Sigler. Antler Ridge is located in northwest Missouri. Forty plus acres, with an additional hundred acres, adjacent to the home place for working range, makes Antler Ridge an excellent place for training antler dogs.

Words from Roger and Sharon:

After training dogs and horses on a part time basis for the last 37 years, we have finally retired from our business life so that we can pursue our passion, which is animal training. Since we purchased Antler Ridge, we have devoted full time to training our dogs to find and retrieve antlers.

Antler hunting has always been an intriguing sport, but it also was frustrating, because we knew that for every one antler we found, there was probably one to ten more near by. Having some background and knowledge of drug dogs, we knew that it was very possible to teach a dog to find inanimate articles. All of a sudden, those antlers that we always missed with just the use of our own eyes could be found with the use of the keen nose of a dog. It was up to us to develop a method of training the dog to find just the one article in the field, woods, etc., that we were looking to find.

A dogs sense of smell is thousands of times greater then a humans and coupled with his sight he could easily find antlers even in a harvested corn field. It was our task to develop the training used to teach the dog just what it was that we were looking for. Our background was with bird dogs. English pointers, German shorthairs, and the like, were easy to train on birds, because the scent of the live birds is strong and the movement of live game captured the interest of the dogs.

The task of developing a method of training a dog to find an antler, which to the dog had no more value then a stick, was the challenge. For last couple of years we have been able to devise a method of training and to select the breed of dog that is best for this sport of antler hunting. Our facility is purposefully limited to ten dogs. We know that we are able to give each dog the time and attention that is necessary to help them reach their full potential as an Antler Dog.

After painstaking research, we have decided that Labrador Retrievers, for a host of reasons best suit our program. We have pacific brood lines that are preferred, for size, coat, and most of all energy level. Our puppies are given all the love and attention of any puppy being introduced into a new home. They begin their training at 12 weeks of age and are lovingly worked with every day. Some days are training sessions that may include simple obedience, such as sit, stay, and come. They then progress to retrieving from land and from water.

Our method of training is interactive, meaning the dog is not just the object of submit or suffer the consequences, they willingly participate in the training with an understanding of a mutual language. We developed our method of training and it is called “The Science of Participative Training”.

We are always happy to have interested antler hunters come and see our facility and our dogs. We welcome the opportunity to share our passion for training with you. We have adult dogs and puppies for sale on a limited basis and will take reservations for finished dogs. Remember if you are hunting antlers without a dog, you are just going for a walk in the woods.